The Ruby Royal customer support team are in place to provide all players with the best casino experience possible, and they're available right around the clock. Whatever your casino question and no matter what time of night or day it is, the fully trained, professional and friendly team are always on hand.

Should you be having trouble making a deposit, or have a question about making a withdraw, regarding one of the many Ruby Royal bonuses or even a technical question, the team will always do their utmost to ensure that you're provided with the information your need. There are many ways to connect with them, as follow....

  • Live Chat: Click on the Live Chat button anywhere that you see it in the casino software or cashier and you'll be instantly connected to a Ruby Royal support team member.
  • Email: To use the email option send your question to and it's always advised to place your casino username in the body of your email, helping the team help you faster.
  • Phone: From the US you may contact the team toll free on 1-800-555-8702 or from the UK on 0808-234-7971.

The Ruby Royal support team is always available and always happy to help, with each and any question that you may have.

It's easy to find the support you need at Ruby Royal

There are lots of reasons to use Ruby Royal Flash Casino for all your online gaming requirements. However, while the site is very easy to use, you may still have questions cropping up occasionally. When you do, you can look at the FAQ and browse the various useful pages on the site before doing anything else.

But if you're still stuck, don't worry. Even if you are in a different country to the Ruby Royal team, you can contact them easily - often within just a few seconds. This is easily done via the live chat option - one of several ways you can contact the friendly team members.

Can they answer any query you might have?

You bet! The team members are trained and experienced in all matters pertaining to Ruby Royal Flash Casino. They know the answers to the most common questions they receive, along with being able to assist with more complex queries.

Is live chat the best way to contact them?

Yes - it should connect you to the team to speak to someone in seconds. It's better than waiting for a reply to an email or hanging on the phone. Mind you, they do offer those two methods for contact as well, with phone numbers available to those calling from the US and the UK.

The best thing about live chat at Ruby Royal is you can open your chat window, type your question, hit enter, and wait for a reply. You can even get on with other things while you wait. You'll see when someone starts responding, and you'll be ready to say hello and resolve your query.

Playing at Ruby Royal Flash Casino is a great experience. It should be easy and smooth, too. If you experience any issues at all, rely on their support team to help out.